The very word Tabernacle is the Hebrew word Succot derives from the Old Hebrew  cukkah.  The Tent of the Tabernacle also referred to as the Tent of Meeting was a temporary dwelling  place for YHVH-GOD.  It was an earthly replica of His Dwelling Place in the Heavenly Spiritual Realm. Within the artifacts, signs and symbols of the Tabernacle YHVH-GOD shows us a picture of our Journey while traveling this earth towards a ‘more excellent Way’.


In the Revelatory-Writing Stewards of the Gospel, We briefly broke down the four major levels of the Tabernacle. The entire Complex was the Tabernacle, which includes the Outer Court, the Inner Court, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place or the Holy of Holies. The direction into the Temple could only be approached the Way GOD designed it depicting the only way to approach YHVH-GOD is His way.  The Gate was located to the east.  Therefore, when entering the Tabernacle one would be facing the west, which is opposite of the pagan sun worshippers who faced east.

The Outer Court is where the Priests reside and where the masses came and offered their sacrifices to the Priests before GOD.  The Priests quarters, the Singers chambers, kitchens etc were lined between the Outer Court and the Inner Court of the Sanctuaries making up the 7-foot wall that divided the Complex from the Camp.  Beyond the Outer Courts was the Camp where the multitudes dwelt.  The multitudes are the righteousness of GOD whether the acts they performed are acts of righteousness or not.  However,  because they have not yet died to a self life in order to  have been resurrected into a sacrificial life they have not received the mind of a Christ to walk in a more excellent way.   They do not know how to yield to that which dwells within them.

Within the Inner Courts was the Alter of Burnt Offering and the Bronzed Laver filled with water for purification. The Hebrew word for alter means ‘to stay’  or  ‘slaughter’.  The word alta is a Latin word which means ‘high’.  The Alter was raised and was a depiction of the MESSIAH being raised as our sacrifice–the Pascal Lamb of YHVH. Those who served within the Inner Courts has gone through the process of purification who has offered themselves up as a true testimony or sacrificial dwelling in the Unity of Love with the brothers. They had to be pure that they would not die before a  Holy GOD. They are the Righteousness of GOD who is walking in the more excellent way while their inner man is being changed from faith to faith and glory to glory.

Both the Holy Place and the Most Holy place were sectioned off inside the Tent of the Testimony. The Priests would pass through  into the Holy Place. These journeyed into the Holy Place received instructions and revelations to relay back to those who dwelled in the General Assembly as priest of GOD. Contained in the Holy Place was the Table of Shew Bread also called the Bread of Presence, the 7-pronged Menorah and the Alter of Incense.

Beyond the Holy Place there were stairways elevating up into the the Most Holy Place. The Holy Place and the Holy of Holies were both covered under the same tent called the Tent of Testimony. The Veil, of course separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place and shielded the Priests who entered into the Holy Place to do the work of the Sanctuary. Within the Most Holy place was the Mercy Seat where GOD would descend at a prescribed time of the year.  This was the only time that the High Priest could enter into the Most Holy Place–the Day of Atonement.  Under the Mercy Seat was the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the Tablets of Stone (Ten Commandments), the Jar of Manna and the Budded Rod of Aaron.

When the Temple was built in Jerusalem, it was the exact replica of the Tabernacle. Both the temporary abode and the Temple were build to GOD’s specifications. Regardless of what the experts quibble over , YHVH revealed unto me that The Temple was built upon the Highest of seven hills in Jerusalem called Mt. Zion in the City of David.

The Feast of Tabernacles which is also known as the Feast of Booths was a Holy Convocation of Observance given by GOD to His people.  When we observe the reason for the Tabernacle it points us toward our journey of this “more excellent way”. The Feast of Tabernacles represents the holiest signs of the Covenant and our love and reverence towards YHVH-GOD as Creator and as the One and only Divine One.  As important, the Feast of Tabernacles is the day that GOD came to ‘Tabernacle’ in man as a Christ and marks the Birth of the CHRIST the MESSIAH.  Tabernacles, is when YHVH come to earth in flesh to remove the Veil in order to reveal the more perfect way thereby man could be restored back into the Image of GOD! 

Our perfect Way and example, was inaugurate through the Fleshly Body of one called EMMANUEL, GOD with us.  More popularly, YAHSHUA, which is interpreted YHVH-SAVE or SAVIOR.

The Tabernacle was a temporary dwelling place for YHVH just as the temporary booths or temporary tabernacle refers to the temporary dwelling places for the children of YHVH-GOD. These temporary dwellings used by the Children of YHVH during the forty years of wanderings emphasized the notion of trust in GOD’s Divine Protection.  The succah is purposely exposed and the roof insecure denoting we as the people of GOD are exposed and vulnerable to the elements of the World and how without His protection, Covering and intervention in our lives we would not make it out of that wilderness desert into Life, Peace and Plenteous.  Of importance is that Succot (the Feast of Tabernacles) was tied into the final harvest of the year ‘after the ingathering’.  These are  seasons for rejoicing indeed when  GOD in flesh came to Tabernacle in man.  It is in the Feast of Tabernacles that was and is a picture and a view into GOD in Man as I AM.

It is important that we know  EVERYTHING YHVH did was a part of His Divine Plan.  YHVH-GOD did not make any mistakes!  For us to even think that GOD made a mistake in establishing the Original Will, which we call  the Old Testament is asinine. For us to think that He was imperfect in the implementation of establishing a Covenant that He said oops, I must create a new Will because this Old One is not good enough and it is too difficult for my children to keep my Commandments. Oh My, I forgot to add Grace, is totally completely absurd!  Either concept comes against GOD’s integrity and His Deity!

Therefore, for those of you who are making excuses because you do not keep the Commandments of GOD nor teach others to do so, let’s put Truth into its perspective!  For those of you who thinks that the Law is a curse and that if one keep the Law they are cursed, you need to relinquish your position, renew your mind and be discipled under a man or woman of GOD who can tear down those dysfunctional strongholds and place a stronger foundation for higher Truths to be built upon. “The Will is not the Law it is a legal document which the Law protects.” Jewels Prophet

The Veil that separated the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place represented crucifixation of the Flesh.   When YAHSHUA GOD died on the Cross the Veil was rent in half providing us with a way thereby we could have direct access to YHVH-GOD. The Veil was not to keep the Presence of GOD contained within the Holy of Holies is was to protect us from His awesome presence because we are (were) but sinful flesh.  No flesh, no sin could come before GOD and live. This divider was so that man could not irreverently enter into the presence of YHVH and to show that His Holiness is to be given great reverence and honor. However, it is to dwell inside this TENT  where God wants every part of our lives!  As I have said many times, we must die to our self-will, mind and emotions; this is the ‘first death’! We then can be resurrected into a life of sacrifice to enter into the Holy Place.

It is so very important for us to know those ‘Pictures’ were given to us in the Scriptures and the prototypes, which  depict the route we are to take in our earthly travels to reach our predestined purpose.  Therefore, if one rejects the so-called Old Testament they not only reject the replica of Heaven, ZION, the New Jerusalem but the WAY to reach them!

“You have come to Zion and to the City of the Living GOD, the Heavenly Jerusalem and to myriads of angels, to the General Assembly; and Church of the Firstborn who are enrolled in heaven to GOD and to the spirits of Righteous Man Made Perfect.”

The General Assembly, which is in Zion, the Church of the Firstborn, which is in Zion, and the Spirits of the Righteous made perfect, are all in Zion and a part of the Body.  The RESTORED Body  is ZION!

There were three major sections of the Santuary within the Tabernacle.  The Inner Court, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. These three sections have three different distinctions and depicts the way of the Chosen ones from the Outer Courts of the redeemed Called from the masses and those redeemed beyond the Outer Court in the  Camp which represents  the World.

The sacrifices were ceremonially clean and slaughtered. The Sacrifice made to GOD was brought into the Inner Court.  The Laver was used to purify those who were offering up sacrifices to YHVH.  This part of the Sanctuary can also be called the General Assembly. Those of the General Assembly are not concerned if they are one of those Elected to a higher Order or a part of the Five-Fold Ministry, they are  one of the Called predestined to salvation and an inheritor of the Kingdom.

 Within the Holy Place are they who receives light and revelation.  They  eat of the Shew Bread, which represents the presence of YHVH and Him communing with us.  These intercede on behalf of the Saints of GOD traversing into the General Assembly releasing Truth and Revelation they have received. The Holy Place can be referred to as the Church of the First Born.  Within the Church of the Firstborn are those who have been summoned out of the General Assembly to perform a specific task.  In this Order are they who operate within the Fivefold Ministry.

Directly in front of the entry way to the Holy of Holies is the Alter of Incense represented as a Golden Bowl which are the prayers of the saints raising up into the Most Holy Place. Merely because the Veil was rent this does not give everyone access into the Holy of Holies.  However, all prayers come up before GOD. All receive from the benefits of the ‘broken body’ and the shed blood of atonement.

Once the Chosen have eaten the Shew Bread breaking bread in the presence of and communing with YHVH-GOD,  they will be given ability to appraise all things and are themselves can be judged of no one.  No one has the Mind of YHVH; however, the Elect have received the Mind of a Christ. The part of Body Governed by the Elect who are Firstborn is called the Church of the Firstborn.  By Law, the Firstborn were particularly reserved to GOD and heirs of a double honor and inheritance. Therefore, the firstborn receives a double portion of the FATHER’S inheritance.  This gives firstborns special rights as Head of the family and as heirs.

These Firstborn has been enrolled in Heaven. They were ‘born’’ in ZION.   These have  an intimate relationship with GOD as Sons.  These Righteous ones made perfect or Teleios  has reached at least the third level or higher in Spiritual Zion. Depicted in the Temple as the ‘Table of Shew Bread’. These righteous ones are they who have reached maturity according to the measure of the stature of their fullness as a Christ in their Metron as apostle and prophet.

These Firstborn have become perfect or Teleios .  They YH in the Holy of holies>  They Tand are the beams, the foundations  for the Body and they minister before YHVH in the Holy of Holies.  These are they who have Overcome and are the Pillar of Truth. Their acts conform to justice and righteousness without deficiency or failure.  These are the breakers.  They break up the fallow ground of religiondom, tradition and the shackles of religious bondage.  They can and will lead others into Divine Union and  fullness of a Christ to a perfect man because they are.  These are they who have a forerunner spirit who press through making straight the paths of the LORD.  These are they who have been restored back into the Image of GOD who has been transformed into the Foundations of ZION.

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of GOD is within the heart and mind of man.  The only way for anyone to receive his or her full inheritance is to put on the Mind of a Christ to come into a full earthly Inheritance of Divine Union with GOD at whatever level, Course or whatever their purpose.   Divine salvation and inheritance of the Kingdom is ours through and in YAHSHUA as we become a Christ.© (Additional revelation and information is available in the book Third Day Sons by Jewels Prophet)

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