This Nation…

This Nation…

“The saddest condition a man can be in on this side hell, is to sit under the
most lively ordinances with a dead, stupid, untouched heart. To hear God’s Word,
and see His providences, and yet not to understand and perceive His will, either
in the one or in the other, is the greatest sin and the greatest judgment that
can be.” – Matthew Henry

“Men deserted of restraining grace, sin with deliberation…”
- Charles Spurgeon

“Those are fools who do not fear God and value the Scriptures; and though they
may pretend to be admirers of wit, they are really strangers and enemies to
“It is God’s work to give an understanding heart, and He often, in a way of
righteous judgment, denies it to those to whom He has given the hearing ear, and
the seeing eye, in vain.”

- both quotes are from Matthew Henry

In Deuteronomy 32:28, Israel is described as – “a nation void of counsel,
neither is there any understanding in them.” They were a people devoid of the
true knowledge of the Scriptures. They were the most sottish, inconsiderate
people that ever lived in that they didn’t believe the glory of God – though
they saw it several times – but cast off God for vain and dunghill – deities.
Resultantly, they had no “understanding” of divine and spiritual things – the
Scriptures, their doctrines, the person of Christ, the righteousness of God, and
the requirements of the law. Instead of taking on God’s righteousness, they set
up a righteousness of their own.

Israel was not the only nation that was ever “void of counsel” – “having no
understanding.” Perhaps the one that you live in can be described in the same

To better understand what this description entails, let’s look further into the
Scriptures to get a clearer picture of what this kind of nation looks like.

How would you describe ” a nation void of counsel” – “lacking understanding”‘
How does the Word of God describe it’

- This nation does not depart from evil – Job 28:28 says – “to depart from evil
is understanding.” Since it lacks understanding, it is a nation that has not
abandoned sin…has not forsaken every evil way…does not make it its constant
employment to shun and avoid evil…and does not labor to be reconciled to Jesus
by  righteousness and true holiness. This nation does not hate sin…is not
careful not to commit it…nor does it have a regard to God and His

- This nation walks in its own counsels – Psalm 81:12 mentions a people who
“walk in their own counsels” because God has given them over to their own lusts.
Man is willful and loves his own way which is in direct opposition to God’s way.
God withdrew His restraining grace from these people. Resultantly, they walk
after the imagination of their evil heart and not after the counsel and
direction of His Word.

- This nation is comprised of fools who have no desire for the knowledge of God
- Proverbs 1:7 mentions the  “fool” who “despises wisdom and instruction.” This
nation is comprised of people who are stupid and indifferent to God’s character
and government. They have no dread at all of His wrath nor do they desire His
favor. They are men of evil hearts, heads, and ways. They treat with contempt or
make no account of the knowledge of God that is available to them.

- This nation lacks the right views of God and His government – Isaiah 27:11
describes a people as being “of no understanding.” Jeremiah 4:22 describes a
people as being ”foolish” and having ”none understanding.” This nation has no
spiritual understanding of spiritual things. It cannot make the distinction
between truth and falsehood or good and evil. It is sinful – wise to do evil. It
will not be reformed. It is under a judicial blindness whereby it is given up to
strong delusions.

- This nation despises the Word of the Lord as given by His ministers – Jeremiah
8:9 describes a people who – “rejected the word of the LORD.” This nation
refuses to heed the word given by those sent of God to warn. They will not be
governed by it…follow its direction…nor do what they know to be right.

- This nation rejects any means of improvement – Hosea 4:6 mentions a people
who ”rejected knowledge.” This nation willfully, consciously, and deliberately
despises and is disgusted with the knowledge of God. They prefer any kind of
knowledge unto it. They hate the Light. They have no heart to it. They put away
any knowledge of God’s ways – putting it far from them and shutting their eyes
against it.

- This nation closes its eyes upon the truth – Matthew 13:14 refers to a people
who “hear, and shall not understand.” This nation will not see the
truth…rejects divine teaching… and will not understand anything contrary to
their groveling opinions and sensuous desires. This is all due to the hardness
of their heart and their love for the world. They are sealed up under the
darkness – deliberately preferring it to the Light of the Gospel.

does not depart from evil
walks in its own counsels
is comprised of fools who have no desire for the knowledge of God
lacks the right views of God and His government
despises the Word of the Lord as given by His ministers
rejects any means of improvement
closes its eyes upon the truth

These are the traits of – “a nation void of counsel, neither is there any
understanding in them.”

Does this describe your nation’

What are you going to do about it’

May God Bless His Word,

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall
rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.  (Isaiah 54:17)

© COPYRIGHT Connie Giordano – All Rights Reserved

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